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Viminacivm Foundation

About Us

The Viminacivm Foundation was established on July 14, 2017 by the Archaeological institute in Belgrade as an independent and non-profit organisation with the goal to promote, popularise and improve the scientific-exploration work and its results at Viminacium Archaeological Site.

The Viminacium Foundation continues the long-lasting expert work on the project Viminacium - Roman City and Legionary Fort.

The Goals of the Foundation Are:

The improvement and popularisation of the research of the construction and other cultural-historical heritage at the Viminacium Archaeological Site, improvement of protection, presentation and valorisation of the cultural-historic heritage in the spirit of the Ljubljana Convention of the Council of Europe through the building of the scientific-pedagogic capacities for research, studying, protection, conservation presentation of the overall cultural-historic heritage of the Viminacium Archaeological Site.

The Goals of the Foundation Will Be Realised By:

  • Financing the relevant projects improving protection, presentation and valorisation of the cultural-historic heritage of Viminacium Archaeological Site;
  • Financing the building of the scientific-pedagogic capacities for research, studying, conservation and protection, as well as the presentation of the cultural-historic heritage at the Viminacium Archaeological Site;
  • Organising the fundraising activities for the realisation of the goals of the Foundation;
  • Presenting awards and accolades;
  • And in all other socially acceptable ways

Mission and Vision

Viminacivm Foundation


The vision of the Viminacivm Foundation is that of the Viminacium Archaeological Site as a recognised and globally known archaeological locality and tourist attraction.


The mission of the Viminacivm Foundation is to devise, create and realise the project of improving protection, presentation and valorisation of the cultural-historic heritage of the Viminacium Archaeological Site, which is of great importance as the only Roman town that is not threatened by the modern agglomeration, with its wealth being hidden already in the arable layer of soil.

The work of the Viminacivm Foundation is based on the following values:

  • Knowledge;
  • Responsibility;
  • Integrity;
  • Permanent education and development of all skills


The priorities of the Foundation in the upcoming period are the projects aimed at the promotion of the Archaeological Park in the country and abroad, with a focus on younger generations.

Besides, the Foundation will work on creating conditions for additional scientific-pedagogic content within the Archaeological Park that will have a multiple educational character, through the exploitation of which, additional funds will be provided for intensifying activities on the excavation of the archaeological remains of Viminacium as the capital town of the Roman Province Moesia Superior, administrative, economic, military and cultural centre of the area on the northern border of the Roman Empire (Limes).

Viminacium Today

The archaeological worlds in Viminacium area today include systemic research of the northern gate of the Legionary Camp (Porta Praetoria), monumental city baths and an Antique amphitheatre, the only Roman amphitheatre in the area of Moesia Superior. The Viminacium Necropolis with over 14,000 revealed graves are among the most explored necropoles of the Roman world.

The construction of the Thermoelectric Power Plant Kostolac B and the expansion of the open-pit mine Drmno south and east of the archaeological site caused the systemic protection research of the city’s necropoles, communications, aquaducts, craft centre, suburban settlements and villas.


Educational summer camp Viminacium – “VIMINACIUM ADVENTURE”

Educational summer camp Viminacium is designed as a multidisciplinary camp for youth and children of ages from 10 to 17.

Through the 7 and 14-day programs, children from whole world will have an opportunity to learn about the life in Roman Empire, in the Roman city and military camp from the beginning of first millennium. Through a number of attractive and entertaining workshops, children will learn about culture, with particular regard to archaeology and lives of Roman legionaries.

The summer camp has several scientific-pedagogic elements whose preparation (building) is in progress:

  • Roman military camp (10 Roman military barracks, dining area and schoolrooms) - replica of the camp found at the Viminacium site;
  • Legionary proving ground with obstacles - an attractive proving ground for testing different movement skills, under or over obstacles (barriers), like in similar training areas - intended for children, youth and adults for testing capability (skills) on an individual and group level;
  • Roping ground - attractive altitude ground with obstacles that are passed by using physical strength, tactical thinking and active knowledge of the history of Roman Empire (with quiz questions on certain obstacles)


Viminacivm Foundation

Contact Info

Phone: +381 11 2637 191
Fax: +381 11 2180 189
E-mail: office@viminacium.foundation


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